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Regional Director 1

Regional Director 1

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Regional Director

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Regional Director I


Provide seeks an enthusiastic and emotionally intelligent professional to coach state and regional teams towards excellence in work to expand abortion referrals in health and social service systems. The Regional Director I will be responsible for advancing the abortion referrals initiative by, developing and supporting state and regional teams around program implementation in alignment with organizational processes while proactively contributing to the leadership and growth of Provide’s abortion referrals work.


Founded in 1992, Provide is a national and growing remote-based nonprofit organization working to strengthen the role of primary and social service providers in women’s access to abortion. We envision a healthcare system where women can access abortion care without judgement, misinformation, or stigma, and where workers are given the tools and support to offer the best care to their clients. Our largest initiative, our Referrals Program, focuses on training and supporting health and social service workers from safety net systems including Domestic Violence, HIV, substance use, family planning and primary care. 




This is a full-time (40 hr/week) salaried position reporting to the Director of Program Implementation. This position works as part of the organization’s remote staff, with travel anticipated at 40%, and is open to candidates residing in the Southeast of the United States.


As a critical team member of Provide’s abortion referrals initiative, portfolio responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


Coach state and regional teams towards excellence in program implementation (70%)


  • Support state and regional teams to reach ambitious outreach, training, and technical assistance goals
    • Coach individuals and teams to effectively navigate the challenges and opportunities inherent in work to support abortion referrals
    • Enact new and exciting leadership techniques and share resources, successes and failures with peers. Identify and elevate staff strengths, cultivate leadership skills among all individual staff members
    • Hold bi-weekly coordination meetings with state teams; set clear expectations and ensure the conditions for excellent work are in place
    • Establish and maintain useful partnerships with individual staff members that ensure: constructive and timely feedback,, encourage self-confidence, equity, and autonomy, and that value candid, open, fearless communication. Employ techniques that encourage cross-pollination/group think, among state coordinators.
    • Staff effective state-based teams, including recruitment, hiring, onboarding, performance evaluation and, when needed, performance improvement/remediation, and dismissal; seek feedback on and reflect on utility and improvement of such processes and inform Director of Program Implementation accordingly
    • Work collaboratively with program leadership and state/regional teams to set and pursue objectives, benchmarks, quarterly goals, and professional development goals
    • Champion the "bigger picture", regularly connecting implementation work to Provide’s organizational impact in communications with teams; utilize evolving language to motivate teams depending on need, and solicit input and data points from Evaluation Team, Program Development Division, etc. to bolster this effort
    • Reflect on how leadership tactics are and are not working to achieve goals; commit wholly to persistent learning, request pertinent professional development.
  • Support state and regional teams to work in alignment with organizational processes and collaborate to advance organizational processes that support state and regional teams:
    • Manage the Region I budget, utilizing forecasting, shoring / adjustment, and reflective techniques. Ensure that resources align with objectives, goals, and expectations and will support success across the region. Identify potential variances in the budget and communicate trends, flags, needs, etc. with the Director of Program Operations and with the Finance Division as appropriate
    • Facilitate seamless connection between state teams and new capacity building units of the abortion referrals program, such as training assessment, technical assistance delivery, product development, and analysis; work with state and regional teams to provide clear and useful feedback that informs and aims to improve processes organizational processes. Encourage state and regional teams to foster professional relationships across divisions, and to engage in ongoing organizational improvement efforts.
    • Cultivate ongoing effective partnership between state and regional teams and program evaluation work, ensuring timely exchange of information and insights
    • Incorporate strategies that enrich the state and regional teams to do their best work, to be nimble and embrace change, to hone their skills as critical, strategic thinkers, to employ creative tactics and be willing to take risks. Build teams of staff that meet the goals of the organization without need for excessive management or repeated prompts.
    • Sets clear expectations around exceptional administrative standards 

Contribute to the leadership and growth of Provide’s abortion referrals work – 20%


  • Monitor ,reflect, and report on trends in program implementation
  • Highlight on-the-ground needs and shape organizational and programmatic responses that strengthen the project implementation
  • Work with program leaders on expansion of the abortion referrals initiative, as needed (e.g. project management, research, travel, networking with local stakeholders, and report-writing) 
  • Model individual, team, and supervisory core competencies, and foster professional relationships with peer Regional Directors that add value to the organization and which further drive the mission of Provide
  • Actively participate on the Leadership Team
  • Step into opportunities to lead, mentor and support staff beyond Region II as needed
  • Deep understanding of all aspects of the work at Provide, ability to pinch-hit upon request from Director of Program Implementation
  • Ability to effectively manage additional projects as needed with little or no notice and to make appeal for micro-projects within state and regional teams that aim to improve methods employed that drive the mission of Provide


Perform additional team responsibilities - 10%

  • Attends team meetings (e.g. division, all staff, programs leadership) via video conference regularly and with enthusiasm
  • Represents Provide at conferences and coalition meetings as requested; leverage networks to support the work of Provide. Proactively identifies conferences, organizations, coalitions, networks, etc. that might be beneficial for staff.  
  • Participates in internal networking utilizing Provide endorsed software, and builds relationships across the organization on an ongoing basis.
  • Serves as a public representative of Provide as requested



  • 6-8 years of relevant experience
  • Ability to travel up to 40%
  • Proven ability in:
    • Managing and coaching work performance in a diverse staff/team
    • Change management
    • Creative relationship building and networking across long distances
    • Tracking and managing multiple projects with strong attention to detail
    • Fostering an enthusiastic, creative and efficient working environment
    • Leading through adversity
    • Excellent written and oral communications
  • Persistence, resourcefulness and the ability to identify opportunities and needs and respond to these creatively and flexibly.
  • Ability to work in a telecommuting, team oriented environment
    • Excellent communication skills (in-person, email, phone, status reports, managing documents, remote meetings)
    • Good at problem solving and working with ongoing learning curves
    • Comfort with using technology
  • Commitment to Provide’s core mission, values and programs


Salary and Benefits


The Regional Director I is a Tier III position. Starting salary range is $50,000 to $60,000, in addition to a generous benefits package. Provide offers scheduled performance-based salary increases on a 6-month cycle for the first 24 months of employment, and on a 2-year cycle thereafter.


To Apply: Please visit our website, and upload one PDF file that includes your cover letter and resume.  In an effort to reduce the use of paper, mailed applications will not be accepted.  No phone calls, please.  Applications will be accepted and interviews will be conducted  on an on-going basis until the position is filled.